Artwork Reproductions

In today's economy, the market for original artwork has diminished considerably. This is a serious problem for professional artists who live off of the sales of their paintings. Many artists don't have full-time jobs to fall back on. Art is their lives, and their lives are being threatened by the faltering economy we face.

There is a solution to this problem, however, that some artists can take advantage of now, and it will help carry them through the current tough times, as well as increase their market share in the future when the serious buyers return. The solution is Original Artwork Reproduction. Faville Photo specializes in creating high resolution digital reproductions of original paintings, drawings, sketches, or even original photographs. We have a studio setup in our office, where we use studio lighting equipment and a high resolution digital camera to capture a digital image of the painting. On some larger paintings up to 20 photos are taken and stitched together to create one very large, very detailed digital image of the original.

Once a digital copy of the artwork has been created, a whole new world of opportunities opens up to an original artist. Instead of selling the original painting for a one-time price of $1000.00, an artist can now reproduce limited edition giclee prints of the piece over and over again. The cost of production is drastically reduced, so in turn, the sales price of the print can be reduced as well. A lower price means that more people will consider purchasing the piece, because it will now fall within their tightened budget. There is no limit to how many giclee prints an artist can choose to sell, so the potential profit is much greater per painting, when selling giclees versus the original. Don't forget -- the original is still available for purchase for the still-wealthy connoisseur. Another advantage of reproduction is the wide variety of options that are available to the artist. They can offer small photo prints, large canvas prints, matted photo prints, postcards, and much more. The goal, in this economy, is to offer a wide variety of products in different price ranges that can appeal to anyone; rich or poor - there is something that everyone can afford to take away.

Lastly, this is not just a temporary solution to weather the current economic storm. This is a permanent opportunity for an artist to increase profitability and share their work with a larger group of people. When the economy stabilizes, there will still be plenty of people living on a tight budget. These people deserve to enjoy fine-art too. Continuing to offer products in low price ranges so that anyone can afford something will gain the artist a lot of extra exposure by sharing their gift with many people who normally wouldn't be able to enjoy their beautiful work.

Below, are just a couple examples of the many reproductions we have done in studio,
as well as a list of prices you can expect to pay to have us re-create your original painting:

example of a large canvas giclee reproduced from a small original hard-copy photograph
example of a reproduction of an original pastel drawing on textured fine art paper

Approximate Sizes:* Reproduction #1:
(Faville Photo keeps file)**
Reproduction #2:
(You keep high res. file)***
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Extra Small - Flat:
(8"x10" or less & flat)
$10.00 $15.00
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Extra Small:
(10"x12" or less / not flat)
$25.00 $50.00
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(11"x14" to 14"x18")
$50.00 $100.00
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(16"x20" to 20"x24")
$75.00 $150.00
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(24"x30" to 30"x40")
$125.00 $200.00
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Extra Large:
(36"x48" or bigger)
$150.00 $225.00
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On-Site Reproductions****
$50/hour including travel time and post production time with a minimum charge of $150.00 for any size or location $75/hour including travel time and post production time with a minimum charge of $225.00 for any size or location
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*Sizes listed (except for the "extra small - flat") are approximate size ranges - custom sizes will be priced based on the category it most closely falls
into based on square footage. Panoramic paintings are more difficult to work with, and as a result, are typically priced based on the longest dimension.
Feel free to call in for an exact price quote based on your painting size.
**These reproduction prices are based on Faville Photo keeping your high resolution digital file. We will not use it for any of our purposes, or even have
rights to the file. You still retain all rights to the file - but we will only give you a copy of the high resolution file after you've either paid the difference
between category #1 and category #2, or have purchased at least $100.00 in giclee printing products from us.
***These reproduction prices are based on you getting full printing rights and a copy of the digital file on CD. There is no minimum printing order to get
a copy of the high resolution digital file. However, if you're planning on ordering Giclee prints from Faville Photo anyway, we recommend you only order
the category #1 reproduction, and purchase $100.00 worth of printing products, and then you'll get a CD with your full resolution file for free.
****On-site reproductions are great for Galleries that want to offer reproduction and giclee printing services to their clients without having to transport
original paintings already on display. We will travel to your location, bring all of the necessary equipment, take all of the necessary shots for reproduction
and go back to the studio for post production and processing. Please call if you have any questions or would like to schedule a day and time for a shoot.
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