Proof Prints

Before Printing: Proofing assures both the client and Faville Photo are in agreement on the print job expectations. It enables color and detail to be previewed before the job is printed. The proofing procedure varies depending upon the customer's needs. While one client may be happy if a print looks good, another may want the print to exactly match the original work. A digital artist may not want a proof at all if the work has never appeared as a print. However, if the artist does know how the file should look as a print, proofing may make sense since color matching depends on the variance of monitor to printer output.

Future Printing: Ordering future prints after your image has been proofed or printed is simple. Just contact us and have us run your job again. We will pull all the job information from our archive and print the job. There are no recurring charges for you except the printing prices.

Proof Packages

Proofs are approximately 6"x8". You may request a larger proof print
if you want, but will have to pay for the difference in size.

Photographic Package - $10.00*

Fine Art Package - $20.00

- Glossy Photo Paper - UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper
- Premium Luster Photo Paper - Textured Fine Art Paper
- Enhanced Matte Photo Paper - Velvet Fine Art Paper
- Enhanced Matte Paper
- Watercolor Paper**
- Water Resistant Canvas

Complete Sample Package - $40.00

- The complete sample package includes 1-8x10 proof print on every paper we carry in stock (All papers from both proof packages, plus Velvet paper, and Semi-gloss paper). It also includes complete pricelists for every paper type in plastic sleeves inside of a 3-ring binder. This complete sample package is perfect for a photographer who wants to have samples and prices to show to their clients. Or, if you're doing alot of printing, it's just nice to have the samples well organized in one place and pricesheets readily available.

- For an extra $5.00, we'll add sample matboards with pricesheets for those as well.

*Because Semi-Gloss Photo Paper is nearly identical to the Premium Luster Photo Paper, it has been
removed from the Photographic Proof Package. It is still available upon request for an additional $4.00

**Watercolor Paper has gained enough popularity, that we now include it in the Fine Art Proof Package.
Note: A la carte proofing on any of the above paper types is available for $4.00 per proof.


For a $50.00 per hour editing fee (billable in quarter hour increments), we can correct any imperfection in the original
piece of art such as stains or scratches, remove mistakes, remove signatures from the artwork, etc. We have the expertise
to handle even the most demanding digital editing needs. While minor editing services are included in the proofing
process, we charge extra for advanced editing, multiple photo touch ups, or very time consuming projects. All adjustments
are made to a separate file so we will always have the original, unmodified image. For more information on editing costs,
contact us via telephone at


Or you can contact us via email at: