Product Shoots

Faville Photo offers extensive photography services for product shoots, both in our studio and on location. Having all of your companies products professionally photographed and processed is a great way to improve the look of your website or publications. Once we have your products shot, we can also use the photos in designs for graphics, logos, banners, or any other signage your business might need. Our services are very affordable, and completely customizable to what your company needs. We're easy to work with and will do whatever it takes to make your vision happen.

Our rate for product shoots is very straightforward, both in studio or on-location. We charge a standard fee of $50/hour or $10 per product - whichever ends up being less at the end of the job. On-location shoots are charged the exact same way, with the exception of a $100.00 minimum fee. Travel to and from the location, as well as any necessary post production work is included in the billable time.

We're very easy to work with, though, and contracted prices are also negotiable, if you have an entire line of products that you want shot at an affordable rate. If you're ever in doubt, please just call us for a price quote on a particular job. Some products are easier to shoot than others, so depending on the job, we might be willing to work with you on the price.

Below are just a couple examples of the many products we've shot for companies in the past:

example of a dog collar shot on our dog model example of a dog collar and leash shot in our professional photography studio

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