Photo Manipulations

Thought your best friend would look better as an alien? Want to make a miniature version of your little brother and put him in your mouth?
Do you want to add a family member to a group photo who missed the family get together? Give us your ideas, and we'll give it a shot.

Photo manipulations are alot of fun. And, at the affordable rate of only $50.00 per hour, you can have a blast turning your friends and family
into crazy things and making very unique looking photographs. After the work is done, order a couple of prints for some funny gifts!


add person onto someone elses tongue example
Give us your craziest idea, and we'll find a way to make it happen.

example photo of a fantasy scene in disneyland
Make your wildest dreams come true!

example photo of a fantasy scene from the wizard of oz on the yellow-brick-road
Add or create any setting for any photo.

turn a photo into an andy warhol style painting
Turn your favorite photo into a recreation of an Andy Warhol piece.

example of turning someone into an alien
Turn anyone into anything. Give us your ideas.

example of adding or changing a person in a photo
Add or change people in a photo.

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