Photo Editing and Restorations

If you have some old photos or any pictures that need enhancement of any kind, Faville Photo can take care of many things at very affordable rates. Some enhancements include red-eye reduction, blemish cleanup, background replacement, color correction, and many more. This service can be especially beneficial for any individual who has some nice family photos that they would like cleaned up and prepared for display in their home.

Many minor photo editing services are included in our printing prices. However, if you aren't planning on having giclee prints done, or you need more extensive photo editing services, we're available for anything you might need done at a standard rate of $50.00 per hour. There is no minimum quantity or charge. If you have any questions or would like a price quote on a particular job, please call or e-mail us


colorize a black and white photo example
Add color to an old black and white photo.

restore folded or ripped photos example photo
Do you have any old photos that have been folded or ripped? We can fix that.

example of removing objects and people while restoring colors
We can remove people from the background, and clean up a photo

an example of a collage for a wedding or anniversary
Create a collage from a collection of photos.

example of selectively coloring only certain parts of a photo
We can add color to a black and white photo or save certain colors of the photo
while turning the rest of the photo into black and white.
another example of selectively coloring only certain parts of a photo

example photo of changing someones hair color
We can change the color of almost anything, including eyes, hair, clothes, etc.

basic touch up example photo
We can also just do minor touch ups to a photograph, such as remove wrinkles, adjust smile, remove blemishes, etc.

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