Additional Printing Products

Right now, we're experimenting with many different types of unique printing products. As we perfect some of these products
and figure out how the media works and how to produce them efficiently, we'll be adding them to this page.

Some of the products we're currently working on are:

An example of what you can do with one of our clear adhesive vinyl labels

Clear Adhesive Vinyl Stickers - We began working on these for commercial client who wanted to create completely customizable signs for businesses in his office building. His tenants can now upload their logo or design to us, and we print it on a clear adhesive, vinyl material, and they can stick it to their nameplate on the outside of their office building. Many offices are currently using the peel and stick letters to create signs for their tenants. We're trying to create a more unique, customizable option. It's also cheaper, much easier to apply, lasts longer without fading or tearing, and cleans up easier when the label needs to be removed or replaced

We offer miniature canvas giclee prints on tiny easels

Miniature Canvas Prints on Easels - We introduced this product early last year, and it has had great success. Everyone loves our standard stretched canvas prints. So, we took that idea a step further. We reduced the size of the stretched canvas prints down to 3"x4" and put them on a miniature easel. Now, instead of displaying your photos on your wall as a stretched canvas, you can get the same unique canvas look, but as a desk or mantle ornament. Everyone loves these things. You can see prices for our mini canvas prints on our Canvas Giclee Printing Page.

Put your daughters picture on the fridge

Magnetic Prints - We're getting ready to debut our next new product, which is simply small magnetic prints that someone can put onto their refridgerator. Everyone loves to pick up small decorative magnets from their favorite vacation destinations. Now, you can bring in your personal vacation photos, and put you and the family on the fridge to remember that great family vacation.

And we're working on many, many more products as well, including printing onto glass, plexiglass, metal,
wood, mugs, cups, and fabric. Check back often to find updates about any of our new product offerings.

If you have any questions about our specialty printing products,
or you have a new crazy idea and want to see if we can do it, you can call


Or you can contact us via email at: