Custom Framing

Faville Photo offers a wide variety of moulding corner samples in studio to look through to help decide which frame you want for your project

This is just a small selection of Framing options that we have in store. Our frames range from $6.00 per foot for the
small basic options to $30.00 dollars per foot for the large elegant options. Call and make an appointment with us to
go over all of your framing options at an affordable price. Let us know your price limit if you're on a budget, and we'll
work within your guidelines.

Our frames are made from an assortment of wood and metal materials, both of which can be custom-cut to fit the exact
specifications of your artwork. You can pick from a range of colors and textures to fit your design.

We also offer a special eco-friendly "green" framing line. All mouldings from this line are made from recycled,
renewable, and recyclable material in an environmentally sensitive manufacturing environment.

Sample of a Jesus painting with one of our vintage style golden frames around it

Sample of a stretched canvas print with a rustic weathered-wood frame around it

A complete gallery of each moulding sample we offer and exact pricing is coming soon, but in the
meantime, to view moulding samples from some of our suppliers, simply click on the links below:

Designer Moulding

Studio Moulding

Universal Framing Products

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The Internet Order Form is coming soon!

If you want to order via telephone, you can call


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