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Becoming an affiliate of Faville Photo is easy! Just follow these simple steps.

-- No spam sites, link-farms, adult sites, or any other site that Faville Photo decides is unfavorable.

-- Please add our site somewhere on your website first, and please try to keep it as close to the home
    page as possible. Preferably no more than 1 click away from the home page.

-- Use the following html code to place our link on your webpage:

<a href="">Faville Photo - Large Format Giclee Printing</a>
We work with Artists, Photographers, Galleries and the General Public to create high quality
large format giclee prints. Custom size photo printing and specialty papers are available.

-- Once our link is placed on your website, E-mail Us the following information:

1.) Tell us your website URL and where on your site you placed our link so we can confirm it.
2.) Please provide us with the link information you want us to place on our Affiliates Page.